Ep. 5 Following A Vision

Pursuing a vision—whether of a project, a piece of music, a business, or a grand life plan—requires inspiration, sacrifice, commitment, and community. In this episode Frankie, Eliah, and Todd create a conversation about the motives, means, struggles, and successes in following their visions.

Thanks to Eliah, Frankie, and Todd for sharing their visions for this episode. Thanks also to Pat Keane for his audio engineering expertise.


Ep. 4 Inside And Out

This episode features stories of the one thing that is with us our whole lives—in sickness and in health, in youth and in age, in confidence and self-consciousness. Matt, Brooke, Elaine, Kate, and Amelia reflect on what it means to inhabit their bodies.

Music contributed by Nathaniel Johnson, audio engineering help from Pat Keane

Ep. 3 moth·er /ˈməT͟Hər/

Women live in a perpetual cycle of motherhood–we are cared for by our mothers, we may become mothers, and eventually we come to care for our mothers. In honor of Mothers’ Day, this episode spans three generations of women experiencing and reflecting on that cycle. Kandyce, Mae, Marj, Martha, and Teisha share stories of the choices and changes of mothering and of being mothered.

Ep. 2 What’s For Dinner


The role that food plays in our lives is as diverse and multifaceted as it is necessary and commonplace. In this episode Maggie, Micah, Lily, Derek, Aaron, and Anna sink their teeth into what we choose to eat (and what we don’t!), how it’s prepared, where it comes from, why it matters, and what it can mean. Bon apetite!

Ep. 1 Transitions

Transitions–in weather and in life–require both preparation and reflection in equal measure. From bringing in the harvest to creating a home in a new city to packing your bags for a total life overhaul the uncertainty of change uniquely reveals the nature of self and space. In this episode we talk with Luke, Chalese, Emily, and Sarah about the joys and challenges of their current transitions.